John Burundu - Solar Sails

from Alpha Seeds [24 bit] by ASTROPILOT MUSIC

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1. Solar sails.

“Beam incoming, sails dispatched okay, Icarus Five?” asked the fleet bay operator over the open channel.
“Yup, these babies are ready for the swim,” replied the captain of the comet.
The fleet bay operator then watched from the comfort of his deck in the depths of the Loki station how a concentrated sun ray reached the reflectors located in the back end of a rather large icy comet. The sunlight was collected by a Dyson swarm on a low solar orbit that collected and focused solar energy into tight high energy beams that were used to propel solar sail ships across the Solar System. It then travelled all the way across the Solar System to the Keiper belt where the neutral Loki station was amassing comets full of useful materials that were then sent for colonists in the now independent Commonwealth of the Jovian systems spread around the numerous moons of Jupiter and to Earth-controlled extraterrestrial settlements on the Moon, the Mars, and the asteroid belt.
The light reflected by large parabolic mirrors attached to the rear of the comet filled enormous solar sails in the front. A few moments passed and it became noticeable that the comet started gliding softly. Somewhere on the surface of the comet was a small living unit with a crew of five members whose sole function would be to watch over the automatic flight path and repair any sizeable damage done to tinfoil-thick solar sails. At the destination, the comet would be sliced and diced, thawed and filtered. The water would then feed hydroponic farms and go into each and every unit on numerous stations floating around the Jupiter, Mars, and Moon colonies.
“Off we go,” said captain. “Icarus Five, over and out!”


from Alpha Seeds [24 bit], released November 9, 2017


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Various colours of intelligent sound

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