Skytechnic - Remnants (AstroPilot Edit)

from Alpha Seeds [24 bit] by ASTROPILOT MUSIC

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5. Remnants

Governor Cooper was sitting on the top floor of the oversight building raised on top of Cheyenne One military bunker. As far as eye could see, a small refugee camp of tents and temporary 3D-printed houses was sprawled across the top of the mountain range in the vicinity of the Cheyenne One. The base provided power and vanishing stream of supplies. As far as the eye could see, there were no trees in the dusty plains below, only dead stalks pointing leafless branches towards the gloomy skies. Distant wildfires that ravaged the wastelands polluted the sky with tar-black smoke. And it wasn’t this bad just near the Cheyenne One settlement, the whole world was a mess. The blitzkrieg against Jovian colonies that demanded independence turned to a war of attrition after colonies retaliated with asteroid bombardment. Earth’s Prometheus system, a Dyson swarm that collected and focused solar energy into tight high energy beams that were used to propel solar sail ships across the Solar System, was initially used to vaporize several smaller settlements in the Jovian system now was diverted to protecting Earth from any incoming asteroids. It was not able to destroy them all, Earth was overwhelmed by fiery rocks falling on key infrastructure and over-populated cities. The dust has not settled down even five years after that day appropriately termed the Judgement Day. It slowly killed off the vegetation and with it the rest of ecosystems. Only small pockets of simple flora and fauna were preserved high in the mountain ranges after molten ice from Antarctica impact raised sea levels dramatically.
The “red” line beeped warning governor Cooper of the incoming call via the encrypted channel. He swiveled in his soft leather chair towards the hologram, swiped his right arm in the air to answer the call.
“So, what is it?” he said impatiently.


from Alpha Seeds [24 bit], released November 9, 2017


all rights reserved




Various colours of intelligent sound

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