Dynamic Illusion - A Humble Growth

from Alpha Seeds [24 bit] by ASTROPILOT MUSIC

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12. A humble growth

The search party had landed nearby the crash site. Winged carriers opened large doors and first armed soldiers and then hazmat suites spilled out of their metal bellies. Soldiers scurried around the transport ship to check the perimeter and protect the biohazard team. Holding formation, they slowly started moving towards the spot where “Kali’s Trishula” had crashed. There was black smoke rising above the pile of twisted metal, torn wires and malformed conduits. The smell was so acrid that soldiers one by one put on gas masks.
As they drew nearer, biohazard team started chattering on their private channel. Soldiers saw their lips move but couldn’t make out what science team was discussing so frantically. Coronel leading the military team stopped and pulled chief scientist aside.
“Is there something wrong?”
A figure in a bulky hazmat suit raised his arm and pointed towards the crash site.
“Can you see the pink hue?” asked the scientist.
Coronel grabbed a binocular from his waist and looked where the scientist was pointing.
“Yeah…” he trailed off as if startled. “Shit! It’s worse than we thought. There seem to be no survivors so it’s all yours.”
“Yes, stay here and secure the perimeter. I’ll take only two men to the site. Just in case.”
“Yes, sir!”
Chief scientist was ready for anything from ugly brown goo spilling over the remains of the corvette to malformed, mutated human carcasses roaming around like zombies. What he saw was nowhere close to any of his expectations. The crash site was located at a high altitude where only most vigorous flora used to thrive before the Judgement Day. Now barren, the site only had a few dried grass stalks undulating in the light breeze. However, next to the ship, where the pink liquid got spilled out of the extraterrestrial ship, the ground was abuzz with activity. Lush greens were pouring out of the soil so fast as if one was watching a time-lapse of the process. Scientists stepped away from the pink puddle afraid to disrupt the process.
“It’s unbelievable!” muttered chief scientist.
“What is it? What are seeing?” asked coronel over the radio unable to see from the distance what was going on at the crash site.
“This bioweapon, it’s not really a weapon…” mumbled chief scientist.
“So, what it is?” barked coronel in reply.
“I might be wrong but it looks like it’s not a disease, it’s a remedy. It’s healing Earth!”

Roman Popov, October 2017


from Alpha Seeds [24 bit], released November 9, 2017


all rights reserved




Various colours of intelligent sound

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